The elephant is one of the most majestic animals, the largest mammal we have is disappearing fast and needs our help. They are hunted for their ivory which, strangely, is worth more to some people than a live elephant. Even through the trade is illegal, it is still going on. These mammals are herbivores and they use their tusks to dig for food and water. Elephants are only naturally found in Africa and Asia. In Africa both male and female elephants have tusks, while in Asia only half of the males have tusks and the females have a smaller version called tushes. A curious fact is that they are either left or right tusked and they use them in their daily activities. Tusks are also a way for males to battle and show dominance. Needing vast lands to survive, habitat destruction and hunting are other common causes for elephants decline. While in NYC I obtained permission to exhibit this artwork of an elephant created from one of my Earth photographs to create awareness for Elephant population decline.